impressions on Twitter

With over 7,000 people taking part, this tenth Web2day event exceeded all our expectations ?

However, in addition to the numbers that we recorded, the time that we shared with you and your feedback after the event also put a big smile on our faces at the start of the following week.

Following the tenth iteration of the Web2day event, it has once again claimed a unique position in the tech events scene.
As a serious event that does not take itself seriously, it gives a voice to people with different perspectives, allows people to take a step back and consider things more broadly, and have fun while expanding their personal networks. This year, once again, Web2day reaffirmed its “spring break” aspect.

Inevitably, then, it was followed by the Web2day blues the next week. Happily, there were also dozens of ideas for the next event, areas for improvement, avenues to be pursued, speakers to invite (or invite back), and locations to (re)invent.

Above all, there was an irrepressible desire to thank all our partners, speakers, service providers and overseas delegations from the bottom of our heart – not forgetting our incredible volunteers, without whom, none of this would be possible.

And finally, clearly, the chance to give you a date for your diaries next year: Web2Day will be taking place for the eleventh time on 5, 6 and 7 June 2019, because we’re missing you already and because, already, we can’t wait to start again!

Have a fantastic summer ☀️


I love the attitude that they have in Nantes: you really feel that the city has a powerful spirit of its own, and that's certainly the case for hte festival. You can tell just by looking at the venue, which is one of the best festival grounds in Europe, as well as feeling it in the atmosphere, obviously.

— Gilles Bazelaire CEO@dogstudio —

In Nantes, the atmosphere is less competitive and more supportive. There is a shared desire to take things to the next level, to achieve something to be proud of.

— Isabelle Lopez CEO @MA14 —

It's an event that is experiencing a real boom, in every direction, where you can meet with startups, people from different backgrounds, and corporates. There are plenty of ideas that go off in every direction; it changes very quickly, which is inspirational.

— Adrien Rivière Communication Leader @GENERAL ELECTRIC DIGITAL —

There really is a very dynamic and fun atmosphere, and the organisation is wonderful. I am delighted to see cities from elsewhere in France emerging alongside Paris.

— Charlotte Cavalier Tech Evangelist @CODINGAME —