30.3K #Web2day mentions

Over 10,000 Twitter subscribers

2,087 tweets posted by the team during the 3-day festival

22 000 000 impressions du #Web2day



The Web2day newsroom is a team of 40 people who bend over backwards to provide media coverage of the festival. Two thirds of this impressive group work in digital and a third are students who are selected according to their skills. The manager of the newsroom, Olivier Dassonville, sees this experience as a real baptism of fire for them. Every year, they receive around 120 applicants.

“It’s very intense: we dish out more than 2,000 tweets in 3 days. The team works flat out so that people can experience the festival without even being there.” Olivier Dassonville


Year after year, some stalwart supporters are automatically chosen by Olivier. As a result, Adeline, Hugues, Rémy, William, Morgane and Seb over time became key members of the team responsible for making Web2day known throughout the world.

Three quarters of the team deal with the live transcripts of the conferences on Twitter, and a quarter cover the village’s activity and the overall challenge. So they could do this, they set up a particular organisation using the Swarmbird application to facilitate both quality control and media enrichment. Live tweet teams use Swarmbird to publish their content to their respective administrators who, as well as checking and approving the publication, enhance the content with photos provided by photographers in real time.

“Our aim is to only publish quality posts in terms of content and media support. And all of this is practically live, of course.” Olivier Dassonville

2017 marked a significant change with the rise of social video during the event. This approach provided a link to conferences broadcast live on YouTube by Mstream. The team could therefore access live streaming via Périscope as well as produce short videos of the atmosphere with Makidoo. A further change: the emergence of Instagram as a live coverage system with the daily creation of stories aimed at sharing the festival’s unique atmosphere.


Such a mechanism requires real-time monitoring which, given the massive amount of contributions coming from the team, can only be done with powerful tools. The choice was simple: Talkwalker was made available free of charge by the publisher of the same name and naturally became the ideal solution. Indicators allow us to precisely discover key audience figures of the festival on social networks.


“You get people coming to the festival with the aim of visiting our Newsroom. They want to understand how we organise ourselves to optimise our media coverage. It’s still flattering!” Olivier Dassonville

Over the years, the social media team has become such an essential cog in the Web2day wheel that they receive media accolades every year.


Live streaming, pictures and movies : the newsroom puts the light on the festival for 3 days.

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Romain Briolet
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