A public utility entity, Enedis is an electricity distribution network management company tasked with developing, operating and modernising the electricity network and managing the data associated with it. Working independently of the energy providers responsible for selling and managing electricity contracts, Enedis is responsible for carrying out network connections and repairs, meter readings and all technical interventions. Enedis is working to bring about the energy transition.

The world is evolving, and with that come new challenges that Enedis must face and overcome: the energy transition, the development of renewable energies, the rise of electric vehicles, self-consumption, changes in the way local regions are organised in France, anticipating climatic contingencies, new technologies, the Linky smart meter, etc. Committing to the energy transition within France’s various regions is a priority for Enedis. Enedis welcomes the development of renewable energies and is adapting to the new ways in which energy is generated and consumed: a new-generation public service duty and requirement.

In order to respond to the new needs of consumers (energy efficiency, electric vehicles, etc.) and facilitate the deployment of renewable energies, Enedis is intensifying the use of digital technology and data management practices. To better meet the expectations of its customers (electricity system stakeholders, local authorities, private customers, etc.), in 2015 Enedis became the first European electricity distributor to commit to open data, and the company continues to make progress in this area. We make our data available so that everyone has the opportunity to play an active role in the energy transition.