If we wanted to give you the same speech as everyone else, we would tell you that
Gfi Informatique is among the top 10 French ESNs and that can be found
throughout the world. And we’d also say that its strategy focuses on collaboration, agility and

But you’ve heard this all before, so here’s what makes us different ☺️ :

The great industrialist that we are is essentially an architect of
tomorrow’s digital transformation. Our thousands of employees create
tailor-made projects for our customers!
This pushes us to be inventive and passionate! Challenge and creativity are
part of our identity; they’re our personality.
Finally, what we’re most proud of here at Gfi, are the talented people who make up
our teams! Virtual reality does not remove human beings, and this value is very important to us
at Gfi.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, watch the video that summarises who
Gfi Monde is ? (We’ve used some really banging music!)