NUMA supports tech entrepreneurs whose mission it is to provide answers to the global challenges of 2030.
Education, health, nutrition, water, transport, energy, work, transparency and security: we are dedicated to the issues which integrate the needs for both urgent action and an appropriate technological response.

For 15 years, our model has united openness and performance by bringing together these entrepreneurs, in every sense of the word, through a wide variety of synergistic activities:

– start-ups, with an acceleration programme that aims to prepare for the fundraising.
– institutions and large companies, with open innovation programmes, intrapreneurship and training schemes to accompany their entrepreneurial revolution.
– communities, with events on the future of digital technology and a free co-working space.

Rather than working at cross-purposes, we are convinced that they can grow and create value together.
We are pursuing this mission in ecosystems all over the globe: Paris, Moscow, Bangalore, Casablanca, Barcelona, Mexico, Berlin and New York.

NUMA. Tech For Tomorrow.