Parthema, a group of more than sixty professionals at the service of the company and the project sponsor; from the creation of the company to its fundraising and its sale.
It is also an intellectual property service to protect and enhance your business but also to have a place within a collaborative group.
It is a commercial service to help find the most suitable format to work with confidence with customers and suppliers, the distribution contract and the setting up of the network.
It is a social service very close to the head of the company and the human resources department, capable of accompanying all internal discussions within the business.
It is an international service set up around a small team of lawyers from the Practice to accompany foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in our territory or those established in France wishing to go abroad.
Some PARTHEMA teams are more interdisciplinary, such as advice in tax law, property law or New Technologies.
PARTHEMA are above all professionals, all sharing the conviction that the company is at the heart of the economy.