Thursday events

A visit to Web2Day doesn’t just mean attending inspirational conferences – it also involves three days of immersion into an exciting, challenging atmosphere that gives the event its charm and identity. Between conferences, you’ll be able to test the latest tech, meet experts, attend demos, or relax by listening to music. In short, Web2day is an event to be experienced through all your senses!

Schedule for Thursday:

DJ Brixi Elysse

? 12h30 > 14h00
? VR area – Nefs

Dj Brixi Elysse offers sets that mix old school hip hop with house and electro. This year, he’ll be atHypercube‘s VR space, so don’t hesitate to come and take a look for yourself.


? 12h30 > 14h30
?VR area – Nefs

HYPERCUBE VR and L’AFFICHE are joining forces to provide a virtual reality introduction to street art and the world of graffiti. Over a lunchtime, discover the creative processes of Nantes’ artists as they create a shared digital fresco before your eyes, without using paint or canvas.

Motion Painting VR

? Outside stage

HYPERCUBE VR and L’AFFICHE present an experimental artwork. The choreography and the dancers’ movements are relayed and recorded in virtual reality to create a unique piece of art, which combines elements of dance and three-dimensional sculpture.


? 17h > 18h
? Booth Agence Régionale & Nantes Saint-Nazaire Développement


? From 17h
? Nefs

Pop Culture T-shirt store Original designs inspired by TV series, sci-fi and animated films, and the world of gaming.


Drone Indoor

? All day long
? Elephant aisle

What? You don’t know how to fly a drone? OK then. To fill this gap,Drone Indoor offers an introduction to flying and immersive flying lessons with a radio-controlled, connected glove. ? 

Photobooth Josepho

? All day long
? Exhibitors village

You’re handsome or pretty, but let’s be honest, your looks will fade. Happily, Josepho offers a smart terminal that supports photos, GIFs and videos. Just one click allows you to share your GIF with your community.

Photobooth Cyclope

? All day long
? Stereolux hall

Le Cyclope meanwhile, offers a photo terminal that can create a print of your pretty face on the spot. A wonderful reminder of the festival for you to take home (or to work, so you can prove that you were there! »). Take advantage of the opportunity!


? All day long

VR enthusiasts – Hypercube has a hundred square metres for you to enjoy. You’ll find car racing simulators, interactive cinema, shooting games, and two room scale VRs. For those who want to settle their scores with some true classics, a retro gaming space is available throughout the festival.

Coupe du monde

? All day long
? Nefs

The World Cup will be starting during Web2day and, because we don’t want to overshadow the competition,GFI & AWS will be combining to mark the event with the chance to replay the matches with table football or FIFA (we wouldn’t want you to get injured, after all!) ⚽

Mirage et Miracle – Exposition

? Every day 14h00 > 18h30
? Stereolux

La compagnie Adrien M & Claire B will be presenting a sensuous, dreamlike course, with the exhibition marking a milestone in the company’s work, blending the plastic, graphic and digital arts. To put it another way: when the magic of technology serves a form of artistic poetry. It’s as simple as that!


? All day long
? Stereolux

The sculptor Gilles CHEF presents Neurodesign, an electronic and acoustic concept, an interactive installation where your heartbeats will envelope a digital sculpture in a vibrant acoustic wave.


? All day long
? Gaming area invites festival goers to come and take them on at PC games. The latest games will be occupying centre stage: Fortnite, LOL, Sea Of Thieves, DBZ, Tekken and more, so that there’s something for every taste!


? All day long
? Booth N°1 SNCF

SNCF Gares et Connexions has combined up with the young, French startup, Immersive Robotics, to develop a prototype robotic trashcan rubbish bin as B.A.R.Y.L., which has been created specifically for spaces within railway stations. The aim is to make railway passengers play an active role in the cleanliness of the station by attracting their attention to the bin in a fun, innovative and intuitive way.

Solution IMAGINA

? All day long
? Booth N°1 SNCF

Imagina is the first mobile app connected to the beacons that are installed at Nantes Railway Station. It enhances visitors’ experience by using Bluetooth, offering guidance along your route to the Web2Day festival.

The app features all the information you will need and combines it in a single source. No need to scan a QR code: the app guides you based on your geographic location within the station. When you download the Imagina app, you’ll be able to receive contextual notifications and the information you need in the station and near the SNCF stand throughout the festival, listing the exhibitors, products and solutions on display and helping with your return journey to the station.


? All day long
? Booth N°10


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