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Salle Maxi

Is tech ruining our lives ?

When Facebook allowed ads to target overly specific populations on its platform, without any oversight, it undermined our elections and polarized our communities.
When Airbnb allowed hosts to decline bookings, without reason, it let discrimination against racially diverse guests go unchecked.
When Uber considered its drivers contractors instead of employees, but still sabotaged their work with other ridesharing companies, they redefined what it meant to be competitive, at all costs.
When YouTube implemented next video autoplay, blindly trusting its algorithm, it accelerated the spread of conspiracy theories and the radicalization of our youth.
When Netflix began releasing TV show episodes all at once, it created a culture of ~binge watching~, depriving us from sleep and further disconnecting us from social interactions.
When Amazon put a smart speaker in our living rooms, it disrupted parenting methods, letting our kids address Alexa without having to be polite or thankful anymore.
When Apple’s software update slowed down older iPhones, it made planned obsolescence a feature, and our devices unsustainable yearly fads.
Technology is not good or evil. It’s neutral.
Business models are not.
User interfaces are not.
Company cultures are not.
Join us to discuss how founders, engineers, and designers can build products that put customers’ well being first and keep the fabric of our society intact.