11h00 - 11h40


Talking to Alexa


What is an Alexa Skill? Why knowing how to develop an Alexa skill is important? How does a skill work?

Discover the learnings I had while developing for voice enabled devices.

More than 20 million Alexa devices are getting sold every quarter, and its becoming a part of our life day-by-day. But, still we have less than 20,000 skills developed for the Alexa platform as of yet.
I see that as an opportunity, an opportunity to harness the power of an amazing platform.And this talk is exactly designed for that, to give you a glimpse of what it is all about and how can you yourself teach Alexa to talk to you.By the end of this talk, you will know what is all the craze about Alexa. What exactly is it! How to teach Alexa skills, and customise it for your use-cases. And the crux of the talk, the real world learnings I had while developing Alexa Skills.

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