Coding ? Child’s play !

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  • During this 10th edition of Web2day, we will welcome Amélia Matar & Aurélie Jean, two speakers who will give presentations about coding ?


    Coding is ageless


    Amelia Matar is the best person to talk to us about this since she is the founder of Colori. Established in September 2017, Colori aims to prepare children for today’s technological tsunami. This concept takes the form of Montessori-inspired workshops for 3-6-year-olds, where they can explore coding and technology, without using screens, as an extra-curricular activity or in school-time. ?




    “Let’s not raise our children for today’s world. This world will not exist when they grow up. So let’s teach them how to adapt.”


    After working in the startup and digital environment for some years, she was marketing director at Numa for the past two years before becoming passionate about education when her son was born. The Colori project is at the crossroads where her “tech” profile and her great interest in Montessori pedagogy converge. ?

    We are looking forward very much to welcoming Amélia Matar during our 10th edition of Web2day. ?


    Coding education for all


    After obtaining a PhD in digital mechanical materials, Aurélie Jean continued her career in the United States. She worked in digital medicine, mainly on the heart and the brain. Since 2016 she has been a senior software developer for a large financial data group in New York. ?

    At the same time, she launched Silico Veritas, a company that has several goals: making new technologies known to the highest number and training the company employees and the leaders of tomorrow in the latest technologies. ?



    A true role model for young women, Aurélie aspires to change the way women think about science, coding and entrepreneurship and to raise awareness among young women. ?



    “I wanted to do mechanical engineering because I thought there weren’t enough girls.”


    For Aurélie, opportunities are immense today. Women can change the world. They can leave their mark on the society of tomorrow and for the good of our civilisation! Women are combining intellectual and financial freedom, which she believes is so crucial for their development. ?


    We look forward to welcoming Aurélie Jean to Web2day 2018 ?