Banque Populaire Grand Ouest accompanies regional entrepreneurs

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    During this 2018 event, Banque Populaire Grant Ouest will introduce you to some of its region’s upcoming talents for the future. The Bank supports their everyday operations as their entrepreneurial ventures progress, not least because each of them has developed products that are innovative, fun, and surprising. Come and meet them to test their innovations throughout the festival!

    Why do you sponsor Web2Day?

    Innovation is an integral party of Banque Populaire Grand Ouest’s strategy. By building on long-standing partnerships with networks of professionals in the fields of digital and innovation, including La Cantine, Atlanpole, Angers Technopole, and French Tech Rennes Saint Malo, the Bank has affirmed its desire to be recognised as a major player in the digital economy. Sponsoring Web2day helps to highlight our commitment to the region’s business talents.

    What are your expectations of the event?

    Our aim is to make start-ups in attendance aware of the tools that Banque Populaire Grand Ouest has at its disposal to support them. One of the major support mechanisms, known as Next Innov, is dedicated to the new challenges faced by start-ups and innovative businesses. Of Banque Popularire’s 150 business centres nationwide, fifty have been given the Next Innov label, each of which has a member tasked with focusing on innovation. Banque Populaire Grand Ouest alone has eleven innovation leaders in its region, all of whom are trained and familiar with the culture of this specific type of entrepreneurship, with ad hoc tools that enable them to provide the best expertise available that extends beyond just financing. They provide genuine support to managers at different stages in their business’s growth. Web2Day is also an opportunity to identify new start-ups that have the capabilities to support the Bank in meeting its own challenges.

    What is your latest news?

    In terms of innovation, the Banque Populaire Grand Ouest news relates to a milestone figure: over a million euros’ worth of innovative projects are financed by the Bank thanks to its Innov&Plus financing tool. More than ever, the bank is committing to giving the green light to the future!