Belgium heads to Nantes for the festival!

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  • During the 2017 event, Web2day will have the pleasure of welcoming our Belgian neighbours, represented by Thierry Croix and Jeremy Corman.

    The range of Nantes’ digital ecosystem now extends across borders and Web2day can be proud of attracting an increasingly cosmopolitan crowd each year.

    As has been the case with our Quebecois friends, with whom we have had regular exchanges for several years, a Belgian delegation will be visiting. Led by two Liege based, regular visitors to the festival, Jeremy Corman and Thierry Croix, the Beligan delegation will include a team of over twenty professionals from the worlds of technology, start-ups, and digital. They will arrive from June 7th, and will take part in the Web2day event, which is being held for the ninth time (already!).

    For them, it’s an opportunity to represent an ecosystem that shows a great deal of promise. Some real gems have emerged in Belgium recently, such as the Speaky social network, which allows you to have long-distance conversations in foreign languages, as well as the online ticketing service, Preesale. Digital cafés are often set up in the area, providing activities for the growing network and bringing its members together.

    We’d like to thank our Belgian colleagues for their involvement and interest and we invite you to explore the site that they have created to support the initiative, at

    We’re looking forward to meeting you and hope that Jeremy’s moonwalk will be even better this year !