The automatic rating platform for startups

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  • Estimeo is an automatic rating platform dedicated to start-ups and the broader innovation ecosytem. It is the first rating platform to be 100{46350c4daa29c78672de84c0e1719208f05d2456dc573db83c90f6618ed3b87c} digital, thanks to a rating algorithms which evaluates start-ups automatically trough financial and extra-financial criteria notably trough the key success factor approach

    Why sponsoring the Web2day?

    Estimeo’s goal is to reconcile the digital world with the investment world, and to create new links between innovation and its community. This goal is perfectly in line with the spirit of the Web2Day festival, which is dedicated to digital trends and innovations. We are happy to be a part of this « digital springbreak » and hope to participate in the tightening of a community dedicated to innovation.

    A word for the attendees?

    Estimeo was built with a double goal, we aim to be a helping hand for both entrepreneurs and investors.
    Through our scoring process we ask all the big and smaller questions an entrepreneur must answer to build a solid business. We consider financial and extra financial criteria and focus our analysis on the key success factors needed to transform a startup into a scale-up. This process takes you through all the important points you must consider, highlights your strengths and weaknesses and will prepare you for future investor meetings
    For investors Estimeo offers to harmonize and standardize the information collected through this process resulting in an efficient and ergonomic presentation of a start-up’s key information for investors. The grade allows for quick and efficient comparisons and screenings and ensure that highest potential projects get the attention they deserve.
    So, do not hesitate to rate your start-up on the platform, and we will be delighted to meet you during the event.

    What do you expect from the event ?

    We are very much looking forward to meet many great entrepreneurs and exchange with dynamic founders, they give us the edge we need to maintain a great product;
    We also look forward to meeting with investors, media, influencers, and big corporates to discover the great tech stars of tomorrow, and hopefully build fruitful partnerships.
    Our aim is to be a useful player for all the innovation community because we believe innovation is our future. Web2day is wonderful place to develop and grow a new kind of connected community.