Learn how to collaborate & work smarter together

  • Festival
  • You may know Atlassian; or have heard of some of our products such as JIRA Software or Confluence.
    Atlassian loves a challenge and our task here is to ensure that you know who we are and what we do.

    The Atlassian team and Netapsys, our Solution Partner; are sponsoring Web2day allowing us to bring our brand, products and services to you. Want to unleash the full potential of your teams through in planning, tracking, coding, building and collaborating? We’ve got you covered!

    A word for the attendees ?

    Say hello to the team at Chalet No. 3 at the Web2day Village and learn how we can help you deliver the best results for collaborating and working smarter together. You can also fill out a quick survey and receive a free pair of your very own Atlassian socks (it will knock you off your feet)!

    What do you expect from the event ?

    We would like attendees to understand how Atlassian product tools can offer creative solutions that work for every team, no matter the size or function during this event. We wish attendees to team up with Atlassian and our local partner Netapsys after the event to discover what is next for their team, by requesting a demo or trying out our products for free. Of course, we also expect all attendees visiting our space to love our awesome socks!