Troopers on the road to Web2day !

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  • From Quebec to rue des Olivettes

    Troopers is a digital marketing agency founded in 2012 as the result of a meeting in Quebec between two passionate developers, Paul Andrieux and Leny Bernard. The two co-founders like to say that the whole thing started out as just two guys coding in a garage, but it’s easy to see the agency has come a long way since then. Our DNA? Innovation. And there are plenty of projects to prove it: Victoire (CMS open source), Planck, (project management tool), and a monitoring tool.
    There are now twenty-some Troopers with varied competencies (Back End/Front End Development, UX/UI Design, Web Marketing, TMA and Project Management) working together in an agile way on custom projects primarily around web and/or mobile platforms. Troopers is also a close-knit company that supports a progressive culture, where everyone can take responsibility, try, make mistakes, and expand their skills in an atmosphere of trust.


    From rue des Olivettes to Web2day

    Whether as an attendee or volunteer, Troopers has always looked forward to the Web2day festival with great anticipation. And we already know that we will return from this event with smiles on our faces, brains brimming with ideas, and a burning desire to push our innovation even further, thanks to the conferences we’ve attended and the many talented people we’ve met… even if the real reason was to sing karaoke and have a great time!
    And, of course, what better occasion than on this tenth anniversary to become a sponsor and show our support to this unifying, colorful and offbeat event. We are also proud to be part of the ever-innovative digital ecosystem in Nantes.


    Troopers at the festival

    Of course, be sure to attend the discussion, « Your CI on steroids with the GitLab Review Apps system« , led by one of our Troopers, Paul Andrieux. We’ll talk about GitLab, continuous integration, Review Apps and even a little bit about Kubernetes!
    But the most exciting thing this year is our presence in the Web2Day village (booth #18). This is a great opportunity for us to present our agency’s expertise to other web professionals, discuss our projects, and broaden our horizons & network. Despite our fast-growing agency having great projects both in the present and in the future, many challenges await us.
    So if you want to find out more about Troopers, now’s the time! Come visit our booth and learn more about our world, as well as the many surprises we are working on!