Do you know Atlanbois? Yes, it’s an unusual venue…

Before being a building as well as the legendary Web2day venue, Atlanbois is first and foremost a work of art and a showcase for business expertise in the region.

The Atlanbois building hosts conferences on a wide and varied range of subjects relating to technology, design, marketing, society, corporate and start-up businesses.

Attention! Atlanbois won’t be streaming on Friday !

Just 2 minutes from the Machines of the Isle of Nantes and with capacity for 100 people, we recommend you don’t hang around the bar for too long… ?

?️ Take a look at where this venue is located

Mercredi14h00 - 14h40

Native chatbot

Mercredi19h00 - 23h00

Afterwork du mercredi

Mercredi12h30 - 14h00

Lunch mercredi atlanbois

Mercredi15h40 - 16h20

Linked Data et Open Data

Jeudi19h00 - 23h00

Afterwork du jeudi

Jeudi12h30 - 14h00

Lunch jeudi Atlanbois

Jeudi12h30 - 14h00

Lunch jeudi Atlanbois

Jeudi17h00 - 17h40

Un SI durable

Vendredi19h00 - 23h00

Afterwork du vendredi

Vendredi12h30 - 14h00

Lunch vendredi Atlanbois

Vendredi10h00 - 10h30