at the very heart of innovation at Web2day festival

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  • Why do you sponsor Web2day?

    It’s simultaneously a need, a duty, and a desire.

    At Web2day, the focus is on digital, technology, innovation, data, design, security, and other similar matters. Everything that goes into Web2Day forms part of our everyday operations. Attending Web2day therefore means listening to everything that can change what goes on in the digital world, and thus also change the behaviours of our users. It’s also a window into the future as an IT and high-tech specialist, and we like to sign up for that future by being at the cutting edge. It’s also a show where we can engage in dialogue, which is important to us – the web, like any business, is built around people.

    As a high-tech and IT specialist based in Nantes, it’s also essential for us to show off our expertise in hardware and PC assembly for the many projects, start-ups and businesses that need kit, whether that’ for a specific project or otherwise. The digital world is built on IT and any of the exhibitors could be looking for a suitable solution from us. As such, we will be demonstrating our expertise in terms of configuring IT and understanding and solving hardware problems at Web2Day ?

    Finally and above all, being at Web2Day is something that we want to do: it means getting closer to our business system and fully involved in digital transformation in a region that we understand particularly well #44Power

    Do you have a message for the festival goers?

    If you leave Web2Day without meeting us, you’ve missed out big time!
    Come and talk to us, learn about us, and also relax – maybe with a quick game between workshops – at our stand.

    What are your expectations for the event? 

    Interaction, discovery, learning by doing, and taking on new projects!