Meet Réalités during Web2day Festival

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  • REALITES would like to offer a warm welcome to conference attendees. Let’s all get aboard the inspirational vessel that is Web2day. And let’s allow ourselves to be transported through the gateway to progress via the latest trends and new technologies.


    What made you decide to sponsor Web2day? 

    REALITES has just equipped itself with an innovation laboratory by creating the new HUB 5 subsidiary, which is dedicated to research, innovation and major urban projects. Getting involved with Web2day therefore is completely in line with the group’s positioning. Web2day is highly influential where new technologies in both France and the international arena are concerned, as the impressive profile of those taking part this year demonstrates, which makes it THE essential partner to be involved with. The event also undoubtedly shines a light on both the Nantes metropolitan area and the west of France as a whole. This partnership therefore is the product of a rational thought process driven by a win-win spirit.

    What are you hoping to get out of the event?

    REALITES is participating in this big event primarily with and for its employees. Our aim is to meet others involved in innovation and share ideas around our mission of developing and generating the city, and also around a particular challenge that the company is especially motivated and excited about, that of generating and providing quality of life. There is no doubt that our approach will benefit from the introduction of new practices and concepts that will enable us to go even further in terms of our capacity to transform the shared public spaces we provide to France’s administrative regions.

    What’s your latest news?

    REALITES is working closely with France’s regions on innovative projects such as:
    – YelloPark in Nantes. This is a 100{46350c4daa29c78672de84c0e1719208f05d2456dc573db83c90f6618ed3b87c} private initiative with a total cost of around 700 million euros put together by REALITES and FC Nantes. It involves an ambitious urban project consisting of 1,500 units of living accommodation, an urban park, tertiary sector spaces, a sports and wellness centre, a food court and local shops; a market hall, a multi-storey car park, and a footbridge over the ring road to provide easy access for pedestrians. The urban project backs onto a new 40,000 seat football stadium that will be built on the site of the current Stade de la Beaujoire.
    – Human ’Essence in Lacanau, a futuristic 12-hectare health and wellness centre designed by world-famous architect Duncan Lewis
    – Projet d’Aquarium in Bordeaux, the construction of a new generation aquarium together with a major urban building programme, the fruit of a partnership with Fradin Promotion and REALITES
    – Villes Dorées in Saint-Brieuc, an integrally planned 25,000 m² multimodal project in Saint-Brieuc