Let’s overcome the language barrier!

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  • Crazy about the Web2day coming, you already read cautiously the program and while doing so, you discovered that most of the conferences were given in French ? And now you are afraid you won’t understand anything about subjects that you are passionate about… No worries, we handle it ! In the Salle Maxi, you can have headphones to translate simultaneously the conferences. They are free and available at the reception desk. The Web2day team always wants the best for you !

    Reminder : here are some of the many interesting conferences in French that take place in the salle Maxi :

    Wednesday at 9:00 A.M. : Cyrille de Lasteyrie wants us to save humanity ! Threatened by the NTIC and the new intelligences, humans have to return to the essentials to protect themselves against the products of the rise of technology.

    Wednesday at 9:00 P.M. : Audrey Fleury will talk about e-sport : pro-players, sponsors and mondial contests make the game level up. It’s a real market now !

    Thursday at 9:00 P.M. : How to pretend that you are a startup for a decade ? Ludovic Simon will explain that with the example of DoYouBuzz, a pioneer on Nantes’ startup scene.

    To learn more about the conferences (in English or not), click here ? http://bit.ly/2pv5Fz3