Provadys, the cybersecurity expert, will meet you at Web2day festival

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  • Provadys is an expert cybersecurity company that takes concrete action to help businesses protect both their information and their ability to perform at full capacity against the effects of cybercrime.
    Our PASSI RGS accreditation, awarded by French national body ANSSI (Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’information) for our security audit and intrusion test services, testifies to our demanding standards and high levels of quality, and provides our clients with an additional guarantee they can trust.
    We also produce innovative tools such as our security rating platform (which evaluates the level of cyber maturity of businesses in dealing with security incidents by calculating their Cyberscore) and our e-learning awareness course BYCE (eight modules designed to improve the level of security in your business in a fun and effective way).
    Be sure to come and try these tools out at our hut!
    And finally, we can support and work with you in a consulting capacity in the areas of cybersecurity, digital transformation and data protection.

    Why are you taking part in Web2day?

    Our presence here is something we didn’t even have to think twice about. Web2day is basically THE main digital event in Nantes, and Provadys has been involved in cybersecurity (cyber risks, cyber crises, cyber insurance, etc.) for 12 years now.

    Our expectations are two-fold: keep up-to-date with the latest digital news and innovations, and share our expertise in cybersecurity.

    Any tips for conference attendees?

    Faced with a constantly evolving threat, it’s now become absolutely essential to have the right protection in place. We therefore invite you to discover how to become proactive in defending yourself against information technology based attacks!

    To find out whether your company is exposed to any cyber risks or has already been compromised, come along for an exclusive free analysis and get your Cyberscore calculated!

    Come and try out our e-learning platform BYCE (‘Boost Your Cyber Experience’) and discover how to efficiently and effectively develop awareness among your employees!

    What do you expect from the event?

    We want to get to know the various innovative startups and companies present and share ideas with them.

    In a context of increasing exposure to threats, we also want to give conference participants the opportunity to benefit from our cybersecurity experience.

    Additionally, we are currently on the look out for new talent to expand our Nantes team.
    Perhaps we’ll meet our next new colleagues at Web2day?

    What’s your latest news?

    Here are the three latest big developments at Provadys:

    – We are currently at a pivotal point in terms of the introduction of the GDPR, and we are providing a help and support flash app aimed at startups/SMEs that want to be able to quickly comply with the legislation on a restricted budget.

    – Our rating and scoring tool, Security Rating, which makes it possible to precisely and inexpensively gauge the level of maturity of a business in terms of cybersecurity by calculating its Cyberscore.

    – Our e-learning platform BYCE, which combines both security awareness building for all employees, via its eight modules, and training support in accreditation and compliance subjects (i.e. GDPR, ISO 27001 and the PCI DSS).