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  • It’s instantaneous, nomadic with unlimited access to information, knowledge and culture and a way of communicating with the outside world… Society’s transformation through digital is a reality for all sectors. The Pays de la Loire region is launching and supporting initiatives in all areas of expertise including training, employment, economic development to help entrepreneurs, businesses and everyone in the Loire region to seize the opportunities that digital offers. This region wants to help all local businesses to be in the best situation to be part of this revolution.

    Why sponsor Web2day?

    This event enables start up businesses and larger companies to meet up and in doing so encourages innovation in Pays de la Loire. It makes our region more desirable and enables us to highlight our skills and expertise. In addition, the region wants to develop this event at an international level to showcase our « digital makers » expertise!

    And a few words for our festival goers?

    Would you have the true grit to get on our booth ?

    What’s waiting for you at the event?

    Our goal is to showcase the many devices, services and ways in which we work that benefit the digital economy in the Loire.Whether you’re looking for training or to retrain. Or perhaps you’re looking for a new job or you want to embark on a new business adventure and meet up with local companies and influencers, the Pays de la Loire Region has plenty of solutions on offer.

    What’s your latest news? 

    The Pays de la Loire region has experienced an exponential 20{46350c4daa29c78672de84c0e1719208f05d2456dc573db83c90f6618ed3b87c} growth in digital employment in recent years. And no other area in France can claim that!
    To support this movement, in 2018 it launched the new « Resolutions » competition which is centred around Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Big Data and Cybersecurity. These are some key areas for the region that it is looking to develop further.