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  • Web2day took place almost six months ago, and the steps of the 3,200 festival attendees who came to join us under the naves are still echoing around the city. For those who missed it, or who are nostalgic for the event, we are providing an opportunity to view videos of the conferences that were held in the Micro and Maxi Halls.

    To start, we are giving you the opportunity to relive our opening session in the company of Adrien Poggetti, director of Atlantic2.0, the organisation that held the festival, Julien Hervouet, President of Atlantic2.0 and CEO of iAdvize, and Eric Boistard, director of Stereolux.

    Then it was time to make way for the conference sessions themselves! So let’s talk!

    You’ll also find all Zap2day videos and behind-the-scenes footage on our YouTube channel.