New trends for connected workers

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  • Our way of working has considerably evolved over the past few years. 

    And how!

    New generation globe-trotters travel the world with their laptops under their arms. They squat internet cafés and co-working areas on every continent. They may be employed by a single firm or freelance for several companies. There are also « slashers » – people who wear several caps and lead several careers at the same time. There are more and more of these multi-active profiles in operation.

    Imagine that these workers and entrepreneurs meet every day throughout the world, offering new dimensions to networking, bringing new projects to fruition, allowing new talent to come together… A true revolution in the world of work.

    These new trends raise questions like that of e-residency and business management. These new business models have given birth to new tasks, such as micro-testing and micro-tasking.

    So, to highlight the new needs of workers and entrepreneurs and new methods of working, Web2day has concocted a series of talks with international speakers with hands-on experience.



    Wednesday, 3:30-4:00 pm in the Chapitalk (en) 

    Karoli Hindriks  will kick off the subject with this talk on new trends in worker mobility. What is the impact for our business models and the policy of our country?



    Wednesday, round table from 4:30-5:30 pm in the Chapitalk (fr) 

    We all dream of freelancing: no boss and an open road ahead. They carry out missions for a variety of international clients. A world filled with freedom and opportunity, you might say. But the other side of the coin is more and more frequently questioned: Freedom or casualisation? To this round table we will welcome: Laetitia Vitaud, teacher-researcher on questions of the future of the world of work, Nicolas Reboud, multi-entrepreneur and Yann Le Nen, expert of the world of freelancers.



    Thursday, 9:20-9:50 am in the MAXI room (fr transcribed in English) 

    Arnaud Lacan is professor of management at Bordeaux Kedge Business School. He will talk to us about the evolution of the wishes of workers. He will redefine today’s codes of business and tell us how managers can incorporate these changes. And, especially, why they must be responsive and adapt to it.



    Thursday 2:00 -2:20 pm at the Chapitalk (fr)

    Have you ever met any « digital nomads« ? No, they’re not a lost tribe from the depths of the Amazon. We’re talking about telework. Every day Benoît Hediard, founder of Agorapulse, manages a team of 40 people who work in 10 different countries. Remote work is his speciality and he will talk to us about his choice for this type of activity.




      Thursday 4:00-4:50 pm at the Chapitalk (fr) 

    This round table will feature Damien Cavaillès, Eric Raffin, Elsa Berry and Benoît Vasseur. They all work for companies that are reinventing the developer experience and will share their secrets with you.



    Friday 2:00 -2:50 pm at the Chapitalk (en) 

    Estonia is the first country to propose e-residency to citizens of other countries. These e-residents benefit from the services offered by Estonia directly via the internet. A way of pushing back borders even further and opening up new opportunities. Two « e-believers” will come to talk about aspects of it: Arnaud Castaignet, who works for the Estonian government on the subject of e-residency and Anna Piperal who is the director of Showroom e-Estonia for Enterprise Estonia.



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